Service for people who would like to get ahead.

We are here to satisfy your needs with regard to the development of business opportunities. The WFB team is committed to working with you to create the best possible conditions for your enterprise. Benefit from our combined knowledge and our networks to assure the success of any business. Anyone who wants to start making a difference in the Bodensee region will find our doors open for business, helping you to create and establish opportunities here.

Business Consulting Services

The requirements of a corporation in any given location change over time. However, for the success of a (growing) company, it is important that the site be able to satisfy those changing needs at any time. The site must fit the company like a shoe fits a foot. This is the only way to provide maximum benefit. Together, we will provide you with company-specific site advice and help you find the optimal location.

Competence and clusters

Aviation and astronautics, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, information technology, communication technology and electrical engineering, education, research and development, leisure and health economy – these are the strengths of the region. We establish the contact for you. Let’s take a look at the cluster “BodenseeAIRea”

Start-up Advice

Our advice is as individualized as your questions. In personal consultations, you will receive helpful suggestions for your start-up projects as well as comprehensive information about entrepreneurship. We are happy to take a good hard look at that essential part of a professional start-up: the business plan.

Step into our network

As an employer, you map your strategy, which is why all factors must be carefully considered. Whether this refers to networking with potential partners, suppliers and customers or to questions about the area, we are happy to be your partner. We are competent, goal-oriented and effective, all with the purpose of assuring your long-term success in the booming economic and technology Bodenseekreis region.

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