Make it in our region – Our services support you!

Our mission is to support companies and the Lake Constance district by promoting and creating opportunities for business development. The WFB team is committed to working with you to establish the best possible conditions for your enterprise. Benefit from our combined knowledge and our vast network to assure the success of your business venture. If you are interested in making a difference in the region, you will find doors are open for business. Our services enable you to seize the opportunities the Lace Constance district offers to corporations an entrepreneurs.

Business consulting services

The needs of a corporation change over time. To ensure the success of a (growing) company, it is important that a potential business sites can adapt to those changing needs. This ensures the maximum benefit for the company, its employees, and the region. We can provide you with company-specific and location-specific advice and help you to find the optimal business site in the Lake Constance district.

Competencies and clusters

Aviation & astronautics, mechanical & automotive engineering, IT & electrical engineering, education, craft & services and tourism & health economy – those are the key sectors of the Lake Constance district. We can help you to build a valuable network and excellent relationships to companies and entrepreneurs of all sectors. The WFB is also the initiator of the BodenseeAIRea cluster. The network focusses on aviation & astronautics and has established partnerships with other industry clusters in Germany.

Support for start-ups

No two business are alike, and every idea is unique. That is why our business advice for start-ups starts an individual consultation. We can offer helpful suggestions for your start-up project and comprehensive information about entrepreneurship. We are also happy to work with you on the most essential (and yet dreaded) part of any successful start-up: Your business plan.

Join our network

As an employer, you map out your strategy and consider all factors carefully. Whether this refers to networking with potential partners, suppliers and customers or to questions about the region and potential business sites, we are happy to be your partner. We offer competent, goal-oriented, and effective support. Our work has one purpose: Assuring your long-term success in the booming Lake Constance region.

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