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The Bodenseekreis district is the economic and technological center of the international euro region around Lake Constance, where many well-known companies are located. The area is organized and administered by Business Development Bodenseekreis Ltd. (Wirtschaftsförderung Bodenseekreis GmbH, hereinafter referred to as WFB), which is a public-private consortium of service companies engaged in economic development activities in the region. 

We connect people, enterprises and local authority districts, establish contacts, facilitate connections and inform interested parties regarding all questions revolving around the economy in the Lake Constance area. Over the years, this has led to a network in which everyone who designs and characterizes the economic region is involved. Become a part of it.

WFB’s core task is to improve the economic structure, to create and maintain jobs and to promote the economic power of industry, commerce, trade, and services in the Lake Constance region. 

Specifically, to provide: 

  • Start-up advice
  • Location marketing
  • Advice and support to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
  • Support for foreign trade activities
  • Technology transfer
  • Network creation for start-ups and technology centers
  • Municipal consulting
  • Promotion of soft location factors
  • Cooperation with neighboring business economies
  • Representing the economic interests of the region abroad
  • Promotional and support measures 

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